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  • Dr. Joseph Prendergast
  • Dr. Louis Ignarro
  • Dr. Kenneth Kroll

  • Anti-Aging Expert

    Graduate of Rutgers University
    Dr. Kenneth Kroll Graduate of Harvard Medical School
    Training: Stanford University Medical Center

    Dr. Kenneth Kroll has a very distinguished academic and medical practice resume. He was a practicing urological surgeon for many years in Northern California. Dr. Kroll then became a certified anti-aging physician. He has consulted throughout the world on immune support, anti-aging and the integration of natural products and traditional pharmaceuticals. He has formulated and evaluated numerous products over the years.

    After researching Dr. Ignarros' Nobel Prize discovery, Dr. John P Cooke's data and consulting with Dr. Joe Prendergast, Dr. Kroll believes a high quality L-arginine Supplement like ProArgi9 Plus, is one of the 5 most significant supplement discoveries of his medical career.

    He currently has a limited anti-aging consulting practice and consults for nutritional companies, lecturing to limited audiences on how to meet his strict quality and benefit requirements.

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