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L Arginine plays an important role in enhancing blood flow and supports cardiovascular health. This includes atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol. Most people who use Pro-argi9 plus report increased energy, better sleep, and noted good results on their cardiovascular health within a few days. L-arginine the main ingredient in "Pro-argi9 plus" was the basis for the awarding of the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1998, for the reversing of heart disease.

Many of our customers use L Arginine with their medications, as your blood pressure and cholesterol come down you can wean yourself from your medication. You should buy "Pro-argi9 plus" today for your cardiovascular health with a 90 day money back guaranty.

According to the science, including Dr. Joe Prendergast you can reverse your cardiovascular system back to a 15 year old (He did it with L-arginine) within 1 year of taking Pro-argi9 plus health supplement. Yes, an old system of 80+ years old can be clean out, repaired and restored back to a 15 year old. Listen to the Alan Thicke, Dr. Joe Prendergast, and the Dr. Louis Ignarro videos on this web site. Read the books, "NO More Heart Disease", by Louis Ignarro and "Cardiovascular Cure", by John Cook

Dr. Ignarro got the Nobel prize (along with two others) for his work with NO or nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is just one atom of nitrogen connected with one atom of oxygen. It is a very small molecule and very unstable. The Nobel prize was given because three scientists showed that nitric oxide was the key chemical which maintains a healthy circulatory system and now it has been shown that two amino acids, L-arginine and L-citrulline when consumed in the diet with certain other antioxidants can produce and maintain proper nitric oxide levels for good cardiovascular health especially as we get into our older years.

The book "NO More Heart Disease" by Louis Ignarro is for all people who have heart disease because it will help them use the correct dietary supplements that may allow their own bodies to reverse the disease and return to good cardiovascular health. But just as important this proper supplement will allow their bodies to be free from heart disease throughout all their lives, never getting it in the first place. Either approach has the same result . . . NO MORE HEART DISEASE!

Dr. Ignarro also points out that taking the correct supplement will return a person to a normal blood pressure and prevent strokes. A stroke is like a heart attack in the brain when a clot settles in the blood vessels in the head rather than in the blood vessels leading to the heart. Strokes cause brain damage because of the lack of oxygen and this damage may cause paralysis or many other brain function problems. Nitric oxide prevents blood clots and keeps the blood vessels free of plaque both of which prevent strokes.

Other positive effects of taking the proper supplement as described above is the lowering of cholesterol by the nitric oxide the body now has available so that the expensive statin drugs that people have spent $billions of dollars$ on, no longer need to be taken. This supplement can also help prevent arthritis, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease which with heart disease are the four most common and serious health problems faced by elderly people. Think how wonderful it would be to live a healthy life and not have to endure anyone of these four dreaded foes!

Dr. Ignarro also suggests that proper regular exercise and a good basic diet will help maintain proper weight aided by correct levels of nitric oxide. He also notes that periods of stress, anxiety, loneliness and depression can have a negative effect on our lives so we should make every effort to minimize these conditions. Certainly being free from major health problems will help us do that.

Let us now briefly learn more about how nitric oxide works in our bodies and what exactly is going on at the cellular level. As noted before, it is the most simple molecule in biology made up of two atoms, one of nitrogen and one of oxygen and yet it can make the difference between life and death. It was called the MOLECULE OF THE YEAR by the American Academy of Science! Nitric oxide or NO is produced mostly by the lining of our blood vessels which is called our endothelium. It easily penetrates the cell membrane and sends signals inside the cell that collectively regulates cellular mechanisms that influence the functions of all the organs such as the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, stomach, etc. Since NO controls and influences the blood flow to all parts of the body it therefore ensures that all organs are nourished. Without the proper amount of nitric oxide present then the four dreaded diseases mentioned above may rear their ugly heads.

Another important function of NO is to prevent the accumulation of plaque in the blood vessels. Exactly by what chemical means or mechanism this is accomplished is not understood fully but it does it! And if the blood vessels are already filled with "gunk", when the proper L-arginine supplement is taken, then there is nitric oxide present to clean them out, thus reversing atherosclerosis. And another major action of NO is its ability to affect the immune system making it better able to fight disease.

Dr. Ignarro makes a very important big point of how nitric oxide prevents most of the common secondary effects of diabetes. Some of these awful effects are blindness, inability to walk, amputation of limbs, kidney disease, nerve damage etc. For most diabetics these problems just never occur if they are taking the proper L-arginine supplement. For those with arthritis one major improvement that many experience is a decrease or disappearance of chronic pain and a decrease of inflammation. And finally, nitric oxide can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. There is even evidence that by maintaining the proper level of NO, there is a reduced level of cancer risk.

I would like to mention here that Dr. Ignarro mentions a minor, non-life threatening affliction that NO can help and I have seen its disappearance in my life because I had it big time. It is the problem of the heart burn/reflux affliction. With better blood circulation to the stomach, heart burn and reflux may be greatly reduced or disappear. This book points out that there are negative and positive aspects of four major processes in the body: coagulation, inflammation, oxidation and blood vessel tone. They can be life threatening or life saving. The proper L-arginine supplement can improve their life saving qualities and remove or decrease their life threatening aspects.

Coagulation - this process prevents excessive bleeding by forming a seal which stops the bleeding and forms a scab at the site of the wound. That is necessary and desirable. But if coagulation forms a clot in the blood vessels and it breaks free, it can cause a heart attack or stroke. Because nitric oxide will keep the blood vessels clean and keep the platelets from clumping, it can prevent clot formation or expansion.

INFLAMMATION - This is a very desirable body function when the immune system isolates and surrounds foreign invaders that can cause disease and infection. But inflammation can occur in the blood vessels so that atherosclerosis can begin plugging up the circulatory system causing all kinds of heart problems. If the proper level of nitric oxide is present it will prevent this inflammation process from getting out of hand and can remove the plaque that has already accumulated there.

OXIDATION - This refers to the use of oxygen in the body which is wide spread and necessary for life. Without oxygen the cells could not burn glucose and live. When oxidation occurs atomic particles are formed call "free radicals". Among the important bad effects of these particles is that they neutralize nitric oxide production. And without nitric oxide there are serious effects such as heart disease which then allows other serious problems to begin such as diabetes, arthritis and Alzheimer's disease. So an effective L-arginine supplement must contain powerful antioxidants to neutralize and destroy the free radicals.

BLOOD VESSEL TONE - Blood circulation is possible and necessary if the blood vessels have the ability to relax and constrict. What happens in the circulatory system when the heart constricts and then relaxes can only produce the proper flow of blood when the muscle tone in the walls of blood vessels is healthy and normal. If not, the blood pressure can be elevated to a dangerous high. It can also be elevated by blockages and plaque. Nitric oxide maintains the proper flow of blood and the healthy flexibility of smooth muscle in the walls and also keeps the circulatory system clean.

There are three important elements to effect cardiovascular health according to Dr. Ignarro. The first is to make sure that any L-arginine/L-citruline supplement you take also has the most important bioactive compounds known which work with these two amino acids so that together they can produce the maximum health giving power. The second element is a proper nutritious diet which supports and boosts nitric oxide production. This is a diet low in saturated fats, high in protein and the right complex carbohydrates. The third element of a good healthy circulatory system is the right kind and amount of exercise.

As I conclude my summarization of Dr. Igarro's book, he ends his wonderful presentation by stating there are other health problems that can be significantly helped by the proper L-arginine supplement. They are: erectile dysfunction, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, cancer, ulcers, urinary incontinence, Alzheimer's disease, infections, inflammatory diseases and multiple sclerosis.

Reference- Dr. Louis Ignarro, "NO More Heart Disease"

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