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"ProArgi9 Plus" may be the greatest miracle health supplement of all time-This product made of the amino acid L-Arginine and many other powerful cardiovascular repairing ingredients. Below are many issues that L-Arginine has been known to help and aid in the repair of the cardiovascular system. L-Arginine by itself is not nearly as effective as a supplement that has other nutriceuticals, such as L-Citruline, Red wine extract, vitamin D3, etc. These are the known benefits of L-Arginine as a supplement.

  1. High blood pressure or Hypertension- 29% of the adult population or 43 million Americans have this disease. There are many health reasons for hypertension, but the most prevalent is cardiovascular disease. According to the PHD Nobel Laureate Dr. Louis Ignarro, his book "No More cardiovascular Disease" says that high blood is a cardiovascular disease and that Nitric oxide will reverse both arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis. L-Arginine is the amino acid that is responsible for Nitric acid production in the body.
  2. Atherosclerosis- plaque, fatty acid and calcium build up in the arteries is removed by Nitric Oxide produced by L-Arginine.
  3. Arteriosclerosis- Hardening of the arteries is reversed to flexible healthy arteries by Nitric oxide.
  4. Coronary artery disease- This disease is reversed with an L-Arginine supplementation. Both the heart and arteries can be reversed to the age of a 15 year old.
  5. Diabetes- all of the disease ravages to the body may be reversed or stopped with an L-Arginine supplementation.
  6. Cardiovascular disease- this disease may be reversed again by an L-Arginine supplement. The Nobel Prize was given for this medical miracle breakthrough. Yes, the amino acid L-arginine was the precursor for Nitric Oxide.
  7. Heart disease- the heart may be returned to a strong young heart by L-Arginine and other nutriceutical supplementation.
  8. Stroke- this disease is like a heart attack for the brain and may be eliminated by cleaning out the blood vessels in the brain, which is accomplished by L-Arginine. Dr Joseph Prendergast was awarded the "Father of the Year" by the American Diabetes Association for not having 1 stroke in 17 years with L-Arginine and other Nutriceuticals found in Proargi9 plus.
  9. Cancer- This disease may be stopped with large amounts of L-Arginine and vitamin D3 sprays. And at that point if the immune system is strong the body cleans out the cancer
  10. Anti-aging- The cleaning of the arterial system and the HGH production reverses aging by 20 years through L-Arginine supplementation.
  11. Sexual impotence is a sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis sufficient for satisfactory sexual performance, this condition is helped by L-Arginine supplementation with other nutriceuticals that are found in Proargi9 plus.
  12. Macular degeneration (A gradual loss of the central part of the field of vision usually affecting both eyes that occurs especially in the elderly)this disease has been known to be reversed by an L-Arginine supplementation.
  13. Prostate Cancer- The vitamin D3 in large doses and the L-arginine, which are principal ingredients in Proargi9 plus, have been known to work synergistically to stop or slow the cancer's growth.
  14. Enhances memory and may reverse dementia and Alzheimer's disease ( This process of cleaning all the frontal lobe vessels is what reverses dementia)
  15. L-Arginine mixed with vitamin D3 spray and other Nurticeuticals may inhibit the division and proliferation of cancer cells (This process allows the body time to clean out the cancer cells under it's normal process)
  16. Improves immune function (This is what keeps us from getting sick from flu and colds)
  17. Dementia -L-Arginine cleans out the frontal lobe vessels where memory is stored and may help to reverse effects of dementia and Alzheimer's disease
  18. Strength training- L-Arginine boosts lean muscle mass and preserves bone density by encouraging HGH production
  19. Wound Healing- L-Arginine helps to accelerate wound healing and post-surgery recovery. Helps in treating burn wounds especially in the elderly
  20. Ulcers-L-Arginine reduces stress related ulcers without affecting gastric acid production
  21. Depression-L-Arginine energizes the body and lifts the sluggishness of the body which is associated with depression
  22. Metabolism improvement- L-Arginine helps the body to burn more energy naturally and therefore your fat burns off naturally, the results "natural weight loss"
  23. Weight control-ProArgi9 improves energy and increases metabolism
  24. Bone Cancer-ProArgi9 helps prevent bone cancer, again through L-arginine and Vitamin D
  25. Heart burn and reflux eliminated with Proargi9
  26. Viagra Effect- ProArgi9 with L-Arginine effects the sexual response the same way as Viagra, but without the side effects(such as stopping the production of Nitric Oxide which is the principal cause of cardiovascular disease)
  27. Migraine headaches- This problem can be eliminated with L-Arginine and vitamin D3 spray
  28. Restless Leg Syndrome- Many people who supplement with L-Arginine are helped with the disease
  29. Hemorrhoids-relaxes hypertonic sphincter muscles preventing and healing hemorrhoids
  30. Neuropathy (loss of feeling in your limbs due to a degenerative state of the nervous system), again L-Arginine brings back feeling in the extremities.
  31. Tobacco use help-L-Arginine can offset cardiovascular and lung damage caused by tobacco use (helps users fight off the ravages of smoking) Twenty percent of the USA population still smoke, only 11% in Utah
  32. Osteoporosis- L-Arginine may prevent and possible reverse effects of osteoporosis
  33. Boosts lean muscle mass and preserves bone density (This process will allow the body to reduce its fat and you can often return to normal weight naturally), again L-Arginine is responsible for this miracle
  34. It helps with cholesterol control by lowering triglycerides and LDL cholesterol levels
  35. It enhances male sexual performance. L-Arginine an amino acid feeds the inner wall of the cardiovascular system so that it can make Nitric Oxide the product that causes the penis to enlarge normally.
  36. It Improves the function of the prostate which keep it normal and stays the cancer growth process
  37. Urination problems,L-Arginine helps urination problems
  38. Athletic Performance-Proargi9 with L-Arginine enhances athletic performance due to its ability to boost exercise tolerance, its beneficial effect on the lungs, and its effect on HGH levels, which helps with building lean muscle tissue.
  39. Energy improvement - L-Arginine builds Human Growth Hormone levels, improves blood flow to the heart which produces the oxygen for improved energy & performance
  40. Alzheimer's Disease- Slows the progression of Alzheimer' disease
  41. Boost human growth hormone (HGH) production ( This is the anti-aging part of L-Arginine miracle)
  42. Hypercholesterolemia (High cholesterol) is the presence of high levels of cholesterol in the blood [4]. It is not a disease but a metabolic derangement that can be secondary to many diseases and can contribute to many forms of disease, most notably cardiovascular disease.
  43. Restenosis [reoccurrence of stenosis (a narrowing or constriction of the diameter of a bodily passage or orifice) in the blood vessel or heart valve after it has been treated with apparent success]
  44. Arterial-Fibrillation (A Fib) -This is when the heart is beating out of rhythm, L-Arginine has been known to repair this problem
  45. Stress-L-Arginine helps reduce the effects of stress
  46. Diverticular disease or Diverticulosis- About 10% of the US population over the age of 40 and half over the age of 60 has diverticulosis. It is the condition of having diverticula in the colon , which are outpocketings and again L-Arginine may repair this disease.
  47. L-Arginine with vitamin D3 spray improves renal function and slows the progression of renal disease (Common clinical presentations include the nephritic and nephrotic syndromes, acute kidney failure, chronic kidney disease, urinary tract infection, nephrolithiasis, and urinary tract obstruction.)
  48. Treatment of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a blanket term for a variety of diseases causing discomfort in the gastro-intestinal tract.( such as; Crohn's disease, inflammatory bowel disease, Colitis, constipation), again L-Arginine may be a treatment for these diseases
  49. DHEA Helps the body manufacture DHEA for anti-aging and many other benefits especially performance in athletes.L-Arginine helps the body manufacture DHEA.
  50. Menopause problems - symptoms substantially reduced by L-Arginine supplementation
  51. Nitric Oxide- L-arginine Produces Nitric Oxide. The Nobel prize for medicine in 1998 was awarded for this medical breakthrough
  52. L-arginine- proven to help the body produce Nitric Oxide, which cleans out the 80,000 miles of arteries. The Nobel prize for medicine was awarded to 3 scientists in 1998 for this scientific breakthrough.
  53. Respiratory- L-Arginine helps protect lungs and improve healing from smoke damage, Helps protect the heart muscle by stimulating myocardial cell growth and performance
  54. Bone growth function- L-Arginine and vitamin D3 help bones grow normally especially in children
  55. Cartilage- From L-Arginine the human growth hormone is manufactured and it may improve cartilage repair
  56. Glandular or Glands- L-Arginine is beneficial to the Pancreas and the production of insulin, and to the thyroid which produces Nitric Oxide
  57. Pancreas-L'argine may help the pancreas produce insulin
  58. Thyroid-L-Arginine may help the thyroid in the production of Nitric Oxide
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