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The Case for a therapeutic portion of "6 scoops per day" of the Pharmaceutical grade Pro-Argi9 Plus

When Dr. Louis Ignarro wrote his famous book "NO More Heart Disease", his studies showed that 3 to 5 grams were necessary to activate the endothelium blood vessel inter-lining to produce Nitric Oxide. Dr. Ignarro and 2 other researchers were awarded the Nobel Prize for the proof of this scientific medical concept. This is a miracle medical breakthrough, that we may reverse and cure our cardiovascular disease by having the body produce Nitric Oxide by using L-arginine as a supplement. Dr. Ignarro and his co-researchers studied L-arginine only and the results over a many year period showed the results. The synergistic combinations of ingredients that are in Pro-Argi9 Plus were not part of the study done by Ignarro. The study concluded that L-arginine was in fact the miracle amino acid that cleans and repairs the cardiovascular system. L-arginine by itself stays in the system for only a few minutes, the Nitric Oxide dissipates rapidly. Getting enough of the L-arginine in the system required L-citrulline as well. The problem with just L-arginine and L-citrulline is that with a dose of 4 to 6 grams (which is what is in 1 scoop of Pro-Argi9 Plus), the cleaning and repair could take 20 years to accomplish

Dr. Joe Prendergast over a 15 year period developed the supplement Pro-Argi9 Plus in conjunction with his patients. In his treatment of 7000 patients who have taken L-Arginine. He established that a therapeutic dose was 6 scoops per day. At the dosage of 6 scoops per day you get 30,000 Mg which is 30 grams of L-arginine, 4000 Mg which is 4 grams of L-citrulline per day. This dosage has been established to stop cardiovascular disease and reverse it. The timing of the reversal was never stated by Dr. Ignarro, but Dr. Prendergast determined that by taking this increased dosage you could effectively clean your system, repair the hardening of the arteries and repair and anti-age the heart in 3 to 5 years.

Dr. Prendergast did this cardiovascular repair to his body over a 10 year period. He set his internal cardiovascular system back to a 20 year old. This was verified by a body scan that he completed afterwards. Then over the next 15 years he formulated the dosage of the most important Ingredients for his patience's. Then on top of that he figured out how to set a person's total internal age back 20 years. He did that with the proprietary synergistic products of Pomegranate fruit extract, d-ribose, grape seed extract, red wine extract added to the L-arginine and the L-citrulline. He coupled these things with Vitamin D3 (2500 IU's per scoop). By taking 5000 IU's per day you can stop cancer from starting or progressing. The vitamin D3 stops the progression and then the natural immune system cleans out the cancerous cells. There are 2000 studies on this subject. He also added Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Folate, and Vitamin B12. This synergistic cocktail Pro-Argi9 Plus has an anti-aging health impact to change your life for the better forever. How marvelous to know that you will not be a candidate for a heart attack, stroke, diabetes and any other cardiovascular disease or even cancer.

The most compelling argument for the success of the therapeutic dose of 6 scoops of Pro-Argi9 Plus is the High Desert Heart Institute trial study on 33 people. This study was concluded in August 2009. It was conducted on the sickest patients of the institute. Medical science could not do anything further for them. They were either waiting for a heart transplant or were just getting ready to die. The trial study lasted 90 days and was overwhelmingly successful. These people got their lives back. They can not say enough about their life changing experience. You can listen to this discussion on the living without disease web site under High Desert Institute trial study. There were 6900 tests on this group of patients over 90 days. You can listen to Angelo Cici who was one of the patients of the study and Dr. Siva Arunasalam the director and founder of the institute. He is a world renowned cardiovascular doctor. He was hesitant to do the trial at first because of the cost and his lack of understanding the effects of L-arginine on the cardiovascular system. Hoping he could make a difference on this group of patience's he did the study at a cost to the institute of approx $250,000.00. After studying the protocol of 6 scoops per day and then administering it to his patience's, the results started showing a reversal of their cardiovascular disease. You must listen to the study, it is incredible. If this study does not convince you to take Pro-Argi9 Plus at a dosage of 6 scoops per day, you can not be convinced of anything!

Humans have an estimated 100 trillion cells in their bodies. We replace those cells that are not bone cells every 90 days and those that are bone cells every 12 months. The quality of our life depends on how young these new cells are when they are first manufactured by the body in the replacement process. As we age the new cells are not as young as the cells being replaced, unless we interfere and control it. This aging process is slowed down considerably by good nutrition, exercise and life style. The anti-aging of our bodies can be enhanced substantially by the use of the cardiovascular supplement Pro-argi9 plus. Anti-aging can be far more than just good nutrition and exercise. The vast blood system has to be working properly without restrictions. The heart must be in good condition to pump blood efficiently. The 100 trillion cells must get proper nutrition and oxygen. By having the cardiovascular system working like a young person again will give your body these magical health improvements. Your cognitive process will speed up, your memory will be better, you will have more energy, and you will go into a deeper sleep at night, giving the body a better opportunity to repair itself. Your lungs will process air better for more vitality and energy. There are truly no ends to the benefits of Pro-Argi9 Plus. Synergy offers a 100% money back guarantee on the every container. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by trying this miracle product.

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